Bone Folder – Death​/​/​Destiny

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We take a look at Ohio based hardcore act Bone Folder and their upcoming release Death//Destiny set to drop on August 13th on Morbid and Miserable Records.

The band hail from Toledo and play a furious style of d-beat hardcore with some metal influences. Bone Folder is Jas Panic (drums), P Peltier (bass), Benji (guitars), Ben (vocals) and Will335 (guitars). The band state that their music is recommended for fans of Death Side, G.A.T.E.S. and Shitfucker but that they draw a large amount of influence from Tenessee based act Deaththreat. For me I’m somewhat reminded of one of my favourite metallic hardcore bands, Ringworm, but with Bonefolder having even more of an aggressive and chaotic energy to their music.

On their Bandcamp the band proclaim, “Let d-beat chaos reign supreme!” and that is exactly what happens on this album. From start to finish you’ll hear Motorhead inspired beats and riffs played at breakneck speed and paired with vocals so raw that they could strip the paint off the side of a barn. Those metal inspired riffs come through in various parts throughout the album and draw from a number of across the spectrum ranging from (the obvious) speed metal through to doom and death metal inspired guitar work. Hardcore is the driving force on this album though, don’t have any doubt in your mind about that.

The riffs are rapid fire and unrelenting yet varied and the drum work is a constant assault yet retains that catchy and bouncy punk energy. The bass on the album is exactly what you would hope for from any release within the punk spectrum, thick, high in the mix and equally as bouncy as the drum work. The vocal work really is a highlight of the album for me though. They’re a perfect blend between raw and aggressive that they sound equal parts pained and pissed off. The mixing is fantastic on the release too, no one element outshines any other and all can be heard exactly as they need to be. The drum work is of course front and center in the mix as it should be for d-beat, given that it’s a key element of what defines this style of punk. However, it doesn’t drown out the other elements in the mix which is something I’ve seen happen on numerous albums of this nature.

For an inexplicable reason as soon as I started listening to this album the first thing that came to mind was the scene from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story where his band mate says “This is crazy, Dewey. Ain’t nobody gonna wanna listen to music like this. Standing there playing as fast as you can… singing like some sort of punk.” While this does describe the album fairly accurately, it’s Dewey’s response that fully embodies the spirit of this album when he shouts “Don’t you dare try to stifle me. Whose band is this anyway, you cocksucker!? I’ll punch you in the mouth!” That’s the energy that this album has, from start to finish the band send a very clear message that they will not be held back or restrained and that anyone who gets in their way have to deal with the raw aggression that they seem to have a limitless supply of. To find a perfect example of this attitude look no further than their Bandcamp page where you’ll find the quote “A fuck you to all the fashion metal-punks out there. All style, no substance.”

Overall, this is one hell of a release from a band that I only discovered with this release. I can safely say that they have won themselves a new dedicated fan as I cannot wait to hear more. For anyone who is a hardcore fan, specifically of the d-beat variety this is essential listening. Don’t sleep on this one, get your pre-orders in today or pick it up this Friday when it drops.

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