Beyond The Pale – Monument In Time


The coalition of crushing metal connoisseurs that goes by the name Beyond The Pale is gearing up for the April 27th, 2024 release of their debut album, Monument In Time. An album that is a testament to their love of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal, and their associated subgenres.

Genre: Death Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death Metal

Artist: Beyond The Pale

Release Title: Monument In Time

Label: Self Released

Release Date: April 27th, 2024

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Written By: Tom Hanno of Tom’s Reviews

I hate the “Female Fronted” label that has become commonplace when discussing bands with a female vocalist, but that’s exactly what Beyond The Pale is, “Female Fronted”. Janneke de Rooy is a monster vocalist, and that’s what’s more important than her gender, as her growls are precise and filled with deadly venom. Musically, Beyond The Pale is a hearty mix of Death Metal and Thrash, which can be heard on any and all of their songs.

The best song on the album is the final track, “Payback Is A Bitch”, with its mix of brutality and melody, Thrash and Death Metal. I even detect a tiny bit of Gwar in the one riff, you’ll know it when you hear it,  it’s slower feeling and very thrashy. The lead guitar spot is pretty badass, but it’s the riff I just brought up that gets me going the most.

Opening the album is “Liberation Of The Damned”, a track that reminds me of current era Arch Enemy, just with better vocals. There’s a boat load of Thrash riffs, an interesting verse riff, and sees Beyond The Pale giving listeners a taste of what’s to come.

Of the other four songs, I think that “Walk The Plank”, and “Facts And Figures” are the standouts. This is due to everything that the other songs are great for, strong songwriting, excellent vocal performances, and riffs that seem to flow out effortlessly.

I left out “Storm En Drif” and “The Age Of The Pariah” for the same reason that I rarely talk about every track on a given album, to let you, the reader, discover them without my biases coloring your opinions. That being said, if you don’t love every track on this record, then you may want to get your hearing checked, or seek mental health treatment, because you’d have to be deaf or insane to not enjoy Monument In Time!!!!

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