Betty Benedeadly – The Adventures of Mabel and Carter


Artist: Betty Benedeadly

Album: The Adventures of Mabel & Carter

Label: Desert Records

Release Date: 02/18/2022

Country United States

Betty returns with another offering that could easily be featured in any Western film, this time with some unique twists that we didn’t see on the previous release. The latest instalment in our journey through the desert, Adventures of Mabel & Carter is set to drop on February 18th on Desert Records.

On this release things have shifted a little from the almost film soundtrack approach of the previous album. There are some Johnny Cash inspired melodies that shine through the mix, giving it a punchy swagger. More outside influences have also been brought into the fold. There are some definite psychedelic elements woven into the fabric of the album. You’ll also find elements of Americana twang and rock rhythms. Finally, despite this being music from the desert you’ll find some very catchy surf rock groove sprinkled in here and there. There’s a more upbeat, adventurous nature to the music here that really does make it feel like an adventure through the desert.

It isn’t just the music itself that has shifted tones, but the inspiration and meaning behind it. The last release focused on the beauty, solitude and vastness of the desert. This album has almost an aura of inspiration and strength to it that comes from two main areas. The first is Betty’s discovery of Mother Maybelle Carter who played an underappreciated role in the development of rock music. Her influence seeped into the music of the album as well, with elements of her specific playing style ‘Carter scratch’ being incorporated. The second source of inspiration was the raising two baby Polish chicks in her van at her new base of operations in Joshua Tree, both of which can be seen in the album’s artwork.

While only being four tracks in length the release really packs a lot of variety and innovation into its 15-minute run time. As of yet I have yet to see Betty Benedeadly be capable of doing any wrong. Even when her sound drastically shifts it remains just as captivating as before. I honestly cannot wait to see what she does next. I now also need to do a deep dive into the music of Mother Maybelle Carter.

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