Archurahl – Albtraum Review and Interview

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Artist: Archurahl
Album: Albtraum
Label: JEMS Label & Forgotten Realm Records

Release Date: 03/03/2022

Location: İzmir, Turkey

Turkey’s Archurahl have provided us with a solid offering of DSBM with their latest release Albtraum. The project’s sole member Algroth (who I interviewed below) has drawn clear inspiration from legendary Scandanavian artists in the genre but has created something with a unique style and sound.

One of the key elements for DSBM music is tone, there’s a specific atmosphere that has to be employed and this is achieved in large part through the guitar. There’s an emotional depth that has to be captured in the guitar tone while also having a biting edge. The tricky part is conveying that emotion and edge but softening it to a point where it isn’t the harshest element on the album. For this style of music, it’s the vocals that have to come across as the rawest and most abbrasive element. Algroth has perfectly captured this with Albtraum.

The vocals on the album incredibly biting and carry in equal parts pain, sorrow and rage. There’s actually plenty of variety on display too with a number of different approaches employed. You’ll find the more traditional DSBM raw screeches, pained wails, and shrieks but there are some wild vocal segments that are inspired directly by Silencer. Personally, I love Silencer’s vocal style (an opinion that I know not many agree with, but I appreciate ridiculous and over the top music) and hearing that influence on this album made me like it that much more. Other influences that I can hear here are Xasthur, Lifelover, Leviathan, Apati and Psychonaut 4 just to name a few.

The crunch of the guitar, the programmed drums and synth-based elements really work well to create an atmosphere that is equal parts atmospheric/immersive and abrasive. These elements when paired with the vocals on the album and other unique elements thrown into the mix make this a captivating listen. What I mean by other unique elements are things like coughing and choking noises, grunts and other vocal bits and pieces that may seem minor but really add to the overall atmosphere of the EP.

The last two tracks on the album close things out nicely with instrumental/ambient music. You’ll find piano, strings and sound recordings in heavy use here as the album winds down from the raw emotion of the first four tracks. While only coming in at just over 17 minutes I feel as if the album covers a lot of ground.

Overall, this is a fantastic release from an artist that I’m very glad to have discovered. As someone who absolutely loves DSBM I can say that this is quality work and an album that I will be coming back to in the future.

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Interview With Algroth

Tell us a little about Archurahl. What is the project about?

Archurahl was founded in 2020. The reason I started the group was the desire to bring out the cold in my inner world. I play all the instruments as I feel like. I have all the instruments.

How did you begin your musical career?

I started my musical life at a very young age by playing drums and piano. but the step that led me to find Archurahl today took place in 2019. At that time I was recording Brutal death metal riffs and writing drums for the riffs. In 2020 I started playing more black metal riffs and recorded many demos. these demos have accumulated over time and I thought it was time for a project. and I decided to publish my music under the name Archurahl.

What made you decide to play black metal?

Actually, I didn’t decide on this, it’s a type of music that I love since the first time I heard it. I suddenly found myself playing this genre. I’ve been a good black metal listener for a long time and I loved playing black metal riffs. I started to create my own riffs over time.

What drew you to DSBM music specifically?

I like many subgenres of this genre, but DSBM is one of my favorite subgenres. A different vocal is used in DSBM songs, and I feel the emotion in this vocal to my bones. That’s why I use these screams in my own music. I like the classical guitar, piano or violin, which are used a lot in DSBM. Songs of this genre definitely have a magic and are bloody.

Why did you decide to create music solo instead of in a band?

Because single bands are freer than crowd bands. at least that’s what i think. I like to work alone and I want to deal with everything in the music I make. when i compose my music i describe my inner world, the feelings i’m in and i can’t cope with so it’s definitely better for me to be one man band

Tell us a little about Albtraum, what inspired the album?

Albtraum is my 3rd album. I deleted the two albums I released earlier but I think they’re still on youtube. Albtraum is an album that contains many different emotions. the result of a volatile mood. It’s a very spiritual album for me. consists of songs that I recorded during difficult times when my soul was stuck in a corner. I wanted it to be a cold, hateful album.

Who are your main influences and inspirations?

Many bands inspire me and I listen to many bands in my daily life. nattefrost, taake tsjuder, urfaust, abruptum, darkthrone, carpathian forest, horna, mutiilation and many more are among the bands that I love and inspire me.

How did you end up signing with Jems Label?

They’re not going to release the album albtraum a second time, that’s all. maybe we’ll work with Jems again on my future albums. a very good Label and it was a pleasure working with them. We may work again in the future. I have now signed with other labels and the album will be reprinted in different formats in many different parts of the world.

Who is your corpse paint style inspired by?

To be honest, I didn’t get inspired by anyone when I was creating my corpse paint, I just did a simple make up, that’s all.

Tell us about the Turkish black metal scene.

Turkish black metal scene actually has a great potential, but unfortunately it doesn’t get enough attention. Metal music is not very common in Turkey, especially black metal is not common at all. I have friends who do justice to the stage, I try to support them and we try to grow the audience together.

Are there any other bands/artists from İzmir that we should listen to?

Of course! You should definitely listen to the band called Yüz Karası. he is my friend and he is a band from izmir.

What are a couple of your favourite albums of 2022 so far?

Among the albums released in 2022, my favorite is definitely Helleruin’s Invicible album. Definitely a very successful album.

What comes next for you? Any albums or other projects in the works?

I’m not thinking of a new solo album for a while. Among my future plans is to take part in a split project where bands from different parts of the world are together. and I will be a guest vocalist on a bandin album. We will make an announcement when the time comes.

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