ANNALYNN – A Conversation With Evil (2021)


Artist: ANNALYNN (facebook | instagram | twitter)

Album: A Conversation With Evil

Label: Warner Music Thailand

Release Date: 7 April, 2021

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Written by Keszia

A Conversation With Evil is ANNALYNN’s third studio album, succeeding A Year of Mistery (2016) and Stare Down the Undefeated (2015) and is the result of their hard work over nearly two decades as a band. They’ve been regularly added to festival line-ups across Asia and have recently been signed to Australian record label Greyscale Records, they’re going to go global in no time. Largely signing local artists, ANNALYNN are one of the first international artists to join the Greyscale Records family. Nathaphon Bhunyanaphakul (vocals) has some beautiful control of his voice, the range and power he puts into each song is something to admire. His band members, Supatchaya Sompong & Nuttapop Chuensuktananun (guitar), Eakaratch Kaewsomdej (bass), and Nattabhol Larp-Ar-Parat (drums) create a full complement of a refined, professional, intentional metalcore band. They have truly honed their skill over the past near-20-years in the industry.

Left to right: Supatchaya (guitar), Nuttapop (guitar), Nathaphon (vocals), Nattabhol (drums), Eakaratch (bass)

Some notable favourites from the album have got to include Holy Gravity and Leveling God, with sound beautifully dark and have some amazing breakdowns and BLEGHs that just amp me up something chronic. These tracks also have some killer lyrics, some of my favourites include:

From Holy Gravity:

Blacken your eyes, blacken your eyesight

Weight down your soul, blindfold the humanity

Becoming a slave to the choice of fallacy

From Leveling God:

I am the war you wage

An usurper, leveling god

Raising hell, war

Your endless suffering

Kneel before me, enemy

Get on your knees before me, who’s your god?

As a fast-becoming metal fan (thanks to exposure therapy), I truly can admire and appreciate the skill it takes to produce some of the sounds heard on this album. I’ve also started to grow a new-found liking to the dirty BLEGHs which are a signature sound in any metal track. ANNALYNN have knocked it out of the park with this album, and I’m excited to see their name in a broader international platform. My hope is that with them now signed to Greyscale Records, we don’t have to wait much longer.ANNALYNN are touring with Void of Vision in Australia this August.

Listen to A Conversation With Evil on Spotify.

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