ANGER 奰 (feat. Hexen Prozess)- The Purge (Single)


Artist: ANGER 奰

Label: Outer Darkness Records (physical release)

Released: January 19, 2024 (REFUTATION OF ALL HERESIES EP out in March)

Country: Taiwan

Written by: Aaron Michael Kobes

Taiwanese solo act ANGER 奰 is a multifaceted, multi-genred approach to political and artistic commentary, that seamlessly enmeshes the two to create a Neo-Punk Industrial Metal aesthetic that grinds out the aggravation of these “hyperactive times we live in”.  Working towards an EP release (REFUTATION OF ALL HERESIES) slated to be released March of this year, ANGER 奰 gives us a sampling by way of single in The Purge that hints at the reckless callouts to come, allowing free downloads through the “propaganda” section of their Bandcamp.  As if that weren’t enough ANGER 奰 offers up even more in the way of Newsletters, Mailing lists that ascribe to the ‘90’s Zine culture of past Punk and Metal days, and even welcomes (or baits) those with dissenting opinions, or the chicken shits who, “just want to insult someone for no reason” by listing a direct email address.  

The Purge starts off with a quick backing track of a cassette being loaded before the vapors of synthwave start to emerge alongside what sounds like a sample of a watered down version the Mission Impossible theme song that hits just enough of the right notes to give the illusion of corporate structured songscape.  What else hits just right is the accompanied thumping bass and guttural scream that cracks the track wide open and feels like so much bloody vomit on a pretty white dress.  If that interpretation seems a little off-color to you, much is the point of this bleak track, with its visceral lyrical imagery recounting the manner in which events (take your pick as to which) shape up.

“Forgeries spreading wide

Passing judgment without trial

Repeated lies become the truth

The smell of burning flesh gets the masses set

to carry out the sentence

Thou shalt not negate the word of the lord”

If you were consciously around in the 90’s you can probably relate to the existential dreaded feeling conjured of clicking on the absolute wrong thing and releasing some serious malware onto your computer. ANGER 奰 harnesses both the instinctual feeling of urgency and the blindside of naivete in the early fumblings of internet logic that has since become integral and instinctual to the point of coming full circle in the age of impending AI and misinformation. The Purge continues, pumping along at a frenetic pace is the twiddling pulse of electronic static set to Industrial Synth, keeping an aggressive yet almost jovial edge in its brightness.  It is all at once a slightly antiquated track in that the Electronic samplings aren’t necessarily top tier or  cutting edge, and entirely new and fresh in the grungy genre bending/clashing, that demands to be listened to.    

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