Anal Stabwound – Reality Drips Into the Mouth of Indifference



Artist: Anal Stabwound

Album: Reality Drips Into the Mouth of Indifference

Label: New Standard Elite
Release Date: 20/10/2022
Location: Connecticut

Sometimes a band name tells you everything you need to know about the music before listening to it. For instance, I knew that Anal Stabwound was going to be incredibly heavy and aggressive before hitting play. What I didn’t know though was just how wild, assaulting and technical Reality Drips Into the Mouth of Indifference was going to be.

First off, I just have to say that Nikhil Talwalkar is a mind blowingly impressive musician. He is responsible for all instrumentation and vocals on the album, something that will become even more impressive once you listen to it. What makes it even more impressive and honestly a little surreal is that he is only 17 years old. It almost seems impossible that someone that age can be this skilled in multiple instruments as well as vocals. In all honesty I think that Nikhil may be one of the most talented individuals I’ve come across in some time and his is definitely a name to keep a close eye on. If you don’t believe that this album was all him then check out the below video.

Musically the album is technical brutal death metal in its purest form with elements of slam sprinkled in. This is pure unadulterated brutality with no fancy bells and whistles. Having said that the instrumental work and song writing on the album is incredibly complex and technical. There are some insane time signatures on display here and the sheer skill required to play some of the riffs on the album is no laughing matter. The same needs to be said for the drum work on the album, which is honestly incredibly assaulting for the majority of the album and at times reaches insane speeds. The bass on the album is also just as technical and impressive as the other elements, adding some additional heaviness and depth to the mix.

We also have those perfectly executed deeply guttural brutal death metal vocals that we all know and love. What would an album of this nature be without those monstrous vocals. I think it’s safe to say though that Nikhil find some balance on the album where he allows the instruments to shine a fair amount without any vocals present. I mean the vocals are there quote a lot, as is expected with this style, but they don’t suffocate the album or sit too high in the mix.

If you were a fan of the project’s previous work, then you may be saddened to see that some of the slam elements that were woven into the mix have been toned down. These groove laden parts are still hidden in the mix but they’re far more subtle and have given way to more impressive technicality. The other main difference between the two albums is the production quality. This release is noticeably better recorded, mixed, and mastered than the project’s debut.

Overall, I think this is a genuinely fun album to blast on high volumes while driving or working out, hell while doing anything that requires high energy music. If this is the level that Nikhil is performing at age 17 with his second release, then I cannot wait to see what comes next. If you’re a brutal death metal fan in any capacity, then do yourself a favour and listen to this album.

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