Amorphis – Halo


Artist: Amorphis
Album: Halol
Label: Atomic Fire & Napalm Records
Release Date: 02/11/2022
Location: Finland

Hailing from the wintery north country of Finland, Amorphis is a sight to behold. An extreme metal band that has lasted this long isn’t anything to shake a stick at. Clearly they know what they are doing and here on their 14th album Halo, they prove it all. Mastery of the craft and the energy of a band with a lot less years under their belt, Halo is a masterpiece.

Starting off beautifully heavy and unrelenting leading into soundscapes that sound like their are straight from the bard in a D&D game, Amorphis forged their sound from their doom roots to their now folky infused progressive metal with beautiful guitar hooks, powerful grooves, catchy choruses, and manage it all to infuse middle eastern and nordic music influences too.

Much heavier and guitar driven then their previous but no less masterful “Queen of TIme”, Halo brings in a much more melodic death metal feel to the affair but with no less clean singing or screaming than any of their other efforts. It’s perfectly balanced and calculated. The first single off Halo, “The Moon” shows just how creative and yet catchy this band is cableble of being. On the track “On the Dark Waters” Amorphis shows a perfect song and sing along chorus while still managing to be heavy and intricate.

Tomi Joutsen is on full display here, his vocals are an absolute delight throughout. Tomi Joutsen and Esa Holopainen are now all the way up front with riffs piling on top of one another in perfect symmetry. Jan Rechberger drumming has never been better, weaving in and out of different styles and measures. Olli-Pekka Laine doesn’t get enough shine on this one though and the album while good could stand for a more upfront bass sound, and finally Santeri Kallio melding all the elements together perfectly with eclectic and beautiful keyboard harmonies.

Amorphis has nailed it again, leaving their listeners only wanting more. Halo is the perfect celebration of 30 years of heavy metal from the great white north. With their mythological lyrical approach and god tier ability to meld styles they have forged one of the best albums of the year, easily.

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