Allegaeon Drop New Single, And Officially Announce The Full Time Return Of Original Vocalist, Ezra Haynes


Allegaeon is a Technical Death Metal juggernaut that just cannot be equaled. This is proven with the release of a new single called “Inhumation”, a blistering song exhibiting the style of their past, and of their present.

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Artist: Allegaeon

Release: Inhumation

Label: Metal Blade

Release Date: October 18th, 2023

Location: Denver, Colorado

Written By: Tom Hanno of Tom’s Reviews

This is out of the ordinary for me, as I usually will not review singles, but this is Allegaeon, and I love their music enough to break my own rules.

“Inhumation” begins with a false sense of calm, having an almost Post-Metal vibe before dropping into the Technical Death Metal that the band is known for. Guitarists Greg Burgess and Michael Stancel are two of the most talented players in the genre, and what they do here is crushing and technically precise, though they also exhibit the right amount of restraint when it’s called for.

Vocally, this is not the same band as we last heard with their 2022’s Damnum, as Riley McShane is gone, and Ezra Haynes is back as a full time member. Ezra was their singer when I first got into them, and as much as I loved the multifaceted approach that Riley brought, it’s Ezra’s style that truly fits the band best. Additionally, this is the first track to feature vocals from Michael, who’s contributions in that regard are a wonderful fit. Ezra has been quoted as saying this about the vocal work …

“It’s without a doubt the most aggressive thing I’ve ever written. Also, now that Allegaeon is a group with three gents on vocals, I wanted to take advantage of that as well as showcase Michael’s insane vocal talent.”

Ezra Haynes

Now on to the blazing work of the rhythm section, which features the monster playing of bassist Brandon Michael, and the intense drumming of Jeff Saltzman. Brandon is an incredible bassist, and his work on “Inhumation” is proof of that; just listen to what he’s doing underneath the guitar solo if you don’t believe me. Jeff is a phenomenal drummer as well, and he applies his many skills with devastating effect. Together they hold things down with all of the power that we’ve come to expect from Allegaeon.

Overall, in my humble opinion, this is the next logical step for Allegaeon, a band who are constantly evolving, and outdoing themselves with each new release. “Inhumation” is a beautifully heavy track, but also features more than just balls to the wall brutality, a fact that fans around the globe have always appreciated about them. It’s available for listening now, so use the handy links below to discover exactly why I love this band as much as I do.

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