Abyssus – Death Revival


Artist: Abyssus

Album: Death Revival

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Release Date: 21/01/2022

Country: Greece

Greece seems to be overflowing with quality OSDM lately and as such we take a look at just one of the many acts to spill over, Abyssus. The band’s second full-length album Death Revival is set for release through Transcending Obscurity Records tomorrow, January 21st.

With this aptly named release, the band have found the formula to create a perfect blend of old school death metal and thrash and are ready to kick your ass with it. From start to finish the album is beyond chocked full of amazing thrashy death metal riffage. Honestly, it’s almost unreal how many killer riffs the band have managed to cram into the release without it feeling even remotely forced. This guitar work isn’t just technically proficient and menacing, but also happens to be extremely catchy. Ther sheer level of headbangability on this album alone makes it worth listening to.

The guitars aren’t the only thing that the album has going for it though. Vocally anyone who enjoys OSDM should immediately fall in love with what is on offer. The vocal style embodies everything that I love about 80s and 90s death metal. it keeps that raw barked edge but remains fully understandable. This is something that I will always prefer about OSDM over a lot of more modern work, that balance between raw aggression and clarity. The mixing on the album also helps these to shine even brighter, keeping them hovering ever so slightly higher than the instrumentals.

Drum wise we get an unrelenting assault that doesn’t appear to slow down or let up at any point on the album. They perfectly match the tempo and aggression of the guitar work and vocals. Lastly, we need some praise for the bass work on the album. You can’t have OSDM without thick chunky bass work that occasionally shines through them mix right when its needed and the band give us exactly that.

Overall, this is a fantastic release and one that I can see really propelling the band to cult status in the death metal community. If you’re a fan of Obituary or Pestilence, then you are going to absolutely love this album. Imagine if the two of them had a baby but that baby grew up and learned to play thrash style riffs. In summary, do not miss this album because you will regret it.

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