200 Stab Wounds – Slave to the Scalpel

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Artist: 200 Stab Wounds

Album: Slave to the Scalpel

Label: Maggot Stomp

Release Date: 12/11/2021

Country: United States

Rising death metal stars 200 Stab Wounds have blessed the world with their debut full-length album Slave to the Scalpel, released November 12th on the seemingly unstoppable Maggot Stomp. Here is an album that immediately catapulted itself to my top albums of the year contender list.

I’m going to make this very simple, if you like death metal you need to listen to this album. This has basically everything you need to be a great death metal release. From the powerful and commanding guttural vocals, to the filthy crunchy yet highly headbangable guitar work, pounding drums and thick audible bass, it’s all there. This is a release that you can blast on loud on a regular basis and never grow tired of hearing it.

A key element in the band’s success would have to be the inclusion of highly groovy slam style riffs that tie into the more standard death metal elements on the album. Honestly this is some of the catchiest most headbangable death metal releases in 2021. The band have avoided brutal death metal territory and chosen rather to fuse these slam elements with an OSDM base. In doing this they’ve been able to appeal to a far wider extreme metal base, as brutal death metal can at times isolate some listeners.

Another key element that I believe has garnered the album so much support is that it doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. There’s no desperate push to seem groundbreaking or experimental. The band simply deliver quality enjoyable death metal that gives the listener exactly what they want to hear. While I of course love experimental extreme metal sometimes I just want to hear stupidly catchy knuckle dragging riffs for a straight half hour.

As far as favourite tracks go I would have a tough time picking just a few as the album is a blast to listen to from start to finish. So I guess I’ll go with which track had me spraining my neck the hardest. This title would have to go to PHALLIC FILTH for some heavily Cannibal Corpse inspired riffs and the best intro on the album. The opening track SKIN MILK has some of the best slam moments on the album. I have to also give specific praise to the last minute or so of track 4 ITTY BITTY PIECES for being downright filthy in the best way possible. Lastly, best bass work goes to track 9 EXPIRATED SPATTER hands down.

I could go on, but I believe that I’ve made the points that I needed to regarding the album. Again, to put it simply this is pure unadulterated death metal with more riffs than you can shake a stick at. Prepare for pure filthy aggression and excessive groove. Make sure that whatever you do you blast this on loud to fully appreciate it.

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